Speed up Windows 7 - Applications, tweaks and tips

I have found this great tool on the internet, which can probably increase the speed of Windows 7 and Windows XP. Yes the tool also applicable to Windows XP, But specially created for Windows 7.

Download this Registry File.
(adware, spyware tested, clean and malware free)

This file changes the values in windows 7 registry to make things work faster work faster, smoother and more stable. This is a small release and doesn't change much yet, but mostly makes folders work and load faster, increases internet and download speed and shows hidden and protected files, which, in most cases makes spotting unwanted files a lot easier.

Few more Windows 7 Tweaks to optimize and speed up.

1. Click on start
2. Search for Run
3. Typ: msconfig
4. Click on the tab Boot
5. Click on Advanced options...
6. Turn on Number of processors
7. And make your choose how many core u want use 2,4 or maybe 8
8. Click on OK
7. Apply
8. Reset your computer and next time computer will start up faster!

ReadeyBoot and ReadyBoost
ReadyBoot is a tool designed to analyze the boot processes and it allocates additional random access memory (RAM) to optimize the process. ReadyBoost is also available to the ReadyBoot feature when actual system RAM is in short supply. ReadyBoot will then pull the needed RAM from a USB 2.0 flash drive.

the second thing is simply use readyboot with a good clean usb stick, fastest way is to have the usb formatted as ntfs. also a tip, if you think you need the fast boot times and don't have a proper usb stick, pay close attention to read and write speeds when you buy one, a label "readyboost ready" doesn't make it a fast usb stick. values over 20MB/s make it a fast stick.


  1. Thanks much for sharing this info.

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2009

    I used a sandisk Usb stick rated at 20 mbs. I used it to run Linux on it, found it was stuttering. I then bought a stick with a 30 mbps rating, no more suttering.
    When looking at the specs look for X28 to X30mbps at the least.

  3. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

    Get real..

    1. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

      Especially the goretweak is ridiculous..no dangerous..