Free up the hard disk space by removing Kaspersky temporary files

Free up the hard disk space by removing Kaspersky temporary files.
Here is a great Windows tip to remove your unnecessary files stored by Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti Virus. You can save a huge amount of your hard drive space by applying this method.
Let's see how to do it in few steps.

Enable “Show Hidden files and folders” option from the folder options of My Computer window.

Disable the Kaspersky Security system.
Then open Kaspersky Application --> Settings --> Options then disable the Self -Defense by removing the mark of the check box.

NowExit from the Kaspersky application ( KAV or KIS ).
Then Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8.

Open the “Data” folder where you will see many files named as av1A.tmp, av2A.tmp..... etc. and with other files and folders.

Then select all the files having a .tmp extension (Click on Search Button in the same window --> click on all files and folders --> type " *tmp " to search for all temporary files in that folder )
Then delete all the temporary files (.tmp files) you have selected. Make sure not to delete other files. You will now notice a high reduction in your disk space.

( You can do this automatically by downloading Ccleaner application. Ccleaner can increase your hard drive space by removing unwanted files from it. Just give a run on everyday and see how much of files it can remove.)

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