Top 10 Windows Tools

What always every one want is to maintain their System smoothly and speedily.
I'll discusses here the tools needed for a perfectly running Windows system.
Some of these tools may freeware and some are shareware or licensed tools.
But all these tools have high performance and power to keep windows error free.

1. RegCure
my first choice is Regcure.It scans the whole registry and shows all errors.
You also has the option to view all start-up items of the computer and stop unneccesary items. I'm using it for a long time and is the best registry cleaner.
Regcure finds all junky items, which keeps intact by other tools such as norton,pc on point, and reg mechanic.
"RegCure™ provides fast and efficient scanning and cleaning of your registry so that your computer can run at an optimal level of performance. RegCure identifies invalid registry items and decides what items you want to remove. After removing registry entries, you have the option to restore your computer to a previous state."
Download "regcure" here

2. Trojan Remover
It also based on registry and scans all critical places for trojans and malwares.
Trojan Remover can detect some viruses left by popular virus scanners.
TR is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by standard antivirus and trojan scanners.
Trojan Remover scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware. Trojan Remover also checks to see if Windows loads Files/Services which are hidden by Rootkit techniques and warns you if it finds any.
Download Trojan remover

3. CCleaner.
Registry optimizer and removes unnessary files from system.
CCleaner scans all places for unnecessary files .
It has the ability to detect errors of the registry and scan the computer for unnessary files.
also to view startup objects and stop them.
It's uninstaller is a worthy tool which shows items that does not removed by 'add or remove' program
Download 'CCleaner" here

4. Spybot
My another favorite is 'SpyBot Search and Destroy'.
Once my system infected with the trojan called 'Virtumonde', I take up with all popular virus scanners like Kaspersky and PC tools to remove virtumonde. None of them was able to remove Virtumonde but Spybot did it superbly.
Spy bot is an uncomparrable tool to remove
all malware, adware and also it removes viruses.
You can detect and remove some threats which does not remove by some giant virus scanners such as kaspersky.
It also featured with a file shredder and other useful tools.
Download "spybot" here

5.Power Quest Partition Magic.
You don't need any other tool to manupulate your disks and partiotions, if you have Partiotion Magic software.you can quickly and easily create partitions, which act as "file drawers," on your hard disks for storing valuable information such as data files, applications, and operating systems.
Storing information in separate partitions helps you organize and protect your data, safely run multiple operating systems, and reclaim wasted disk space.
PartitionMagic enables you to secure your data by physically separating it from other files. Separate partitions also make backups to networks and removable drives easy.

You also able to create rescue disks with PM.
Download : Partiotion Magic
(power quest partition magic no longer exists, It's acquired by Norton, But you can downlad power quest from other sources. Just google it !)

Search the web safely with McAfee Site Advisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor is another handy software to run in your sytem.
It tests Web sites for spyware, spam, viruses and phishing so you can click with confidence.
SiteAdvisor's automated robots tests every Web site, download, and e-mail sign-up form on the Web.Web sites are tested for 'phishing' and other online scams, affiliations with dangerous sites, excessive pop-ups, and browser exploits.

and it tells Us:
  • Is it safe to use?
  • Is it safe to download?
  • Is it safe to submit e-mail or other data ?
  • What do others say about the site ?
  • and shows the more details.
Download McAfee SiteAdvisor

Convert all your media files to any format with Format Factory

Now you can convert all your media files to other media formats using Format Factory.
Format Factory is a must have tool on your windows desktop.

Functions of Format Factory Media Converter
Rip DVD to video file , Rip Music CD to audio file.
MP4 files support iPod/iPhone/PSP/BlackBerry format.
Source files support RMVB.

Also it can do some other features like..
Handling damaged media files
Reducing multimedia file types
Picture converting and formatting

You also will love to it's handy GUI features.
Format Factory is a 100% Freeware and No any malwares.

Format Factory Home Page
Download Format Factory

Export Your Blogspot blog to Wordpress

Google's Blogspot service used by bloggers around the world to share and express their thoughts and events. Google developer team now allows you to export the blog to wordpress, LiveJournal and MovableType.
Now Blogger or Blogspot allows users the ability to export all contents of their blog, the Data Liberation team would like to announce the Google Blog Converters project. This new Open Source project provides the ability to easily move blog posts and comments from service to service. This initial release provides Python libraries and runnable scripts that convert between the export formats of Blogger, LiveJournal, MovableType, and WordPress.

For more info.
Blog converter Home
Download Google blog converter here.

Sometimes neither blogspot nor Wordpress will do....
There are a myriad of website hosting options available and each has
it's own distinct advantages. Do your homework and identify your needs in advance


Optimize and Free up your RAM

Are you going to upgrade your RAM due to low performance. Before give a try to FreeRAM XP Pro.FreeRAM XP Pro includes automatic memory monitoring and optimization; advanced tray support; fast, threaded freeing with a stop option; multiple system-metric monitors; a simple and attractive GUI; memory reporting and diagnostic logging; and real-time memory information. FreeRAM XP Pro's AutoFree feature intelligently scales how much RAM is freed with your current system status, thus optimizing RAM without slowing down your computer. FreeRAM XP Pro has been designed to be easy to use yet highly customizable by computer novices and experts alike.

The new version (1.5)introduces Global Memory Compression technology, which frees additional RAM instantly, at no cost to system performance; process memory reporting; advanced memory configuration options; customizable program sounds; and miscellaneous features and fixes.

Includes automatic memory monitoring and optimization; advanced tray support; fast, threaded freeing with a stop option; multiple system-metric monitors; a simple and attractive GUI; memory reporting and diagnostic logging; and real-time memory information.
It's freeware and nothing to lost you.

Download Free Ram XP Pro

How to Remove virtumonde completely from your computer

Virtumonde, TrojanSpy.Win32.Agent.I, is a virus which is hard to remove from a system once infected. Virtumonde can completely or partially break your system while stop the services related to Google and facebook.

Virtumonde :
This virus is reported to record your keystrokes and randomly displays advertisements. This virtumonde.c Trojan will create a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) to facilitate the recording of your keystrokes and communicates with a website located on the internet.

Virtumonde.C attaches to explorer.exe, goes memory resident and verifies that it's running (the virus that is). If for some reason Virtumonde.c is stopped, the memory resident program will fire it back up.

The virus also writes to cookies on the infected computer and may visit more than one internet site. The part that makes VirtuMonde.c tricky is that it's a memory resident and writes to a file that spyware removal programs can't erase.

How I removed Virtumonde Completely from My System

Most reputed virus scanners detects and removes only a part of virtumonde variations, while allowing other parts to left within the system. My computer infected with virtumonde several times, I have scanned the computer using latest updated Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. But it not succeed in removing virtumonde completely.
Then I tried Spyware Doctor and it also removed only some parts of virtumonde.
Finally I take up with the Spybot. Spybot Search and Destroy scans the computer and removes the parts left by kaspersky and Spyware Doctor.

So what all you have to do is.
1. Download latest virus scanners like Kaspersky Internet Security, PC tool's Spyware Doctor and Spybot Search and Destroy ( with latest updates ).

2. Now Disconnect the computer from internet and other network connections.

3. Then scan the system first with Kaspersky then with Spyware Doctor and finally with Spybot. (It is now said that Spybot can completely remove all variations of Virtumonde trojan from an infected system)

1. Know more about virtumonde and removal - go here
2. Wikipedia Article on Virtumonde
3. Windows live one care scan