Best Online Virus Scanners

Online virus scanners are handy tools which you can scan suspicious files to detect any threat.
Most of these online security tools works great with continuous update of virus scan engines.
here I have listed some of Online virus scanners.

1. Virus Total

Virus Total is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.
The Main advantage of Virus Total is it scan a file using multiple virus scan rngines exists. So it can make an effective and thorough scan of files for viruses.

Virus total fetures:
Email Scan (scans your email attachments)
Hash Search (md5/sha1/sha256)
Use of multiple antivirus engines
Real-time automatic updates of virus signatures
Detailed results from each antivirus engine
Real time global statistics

2. Bitdefender Online Scanner
Online PC scanner. It scan the PC for malware, trojans and other threats and cleans PC.

Bitdefender's 60-Second QuickScan has following features
Very fast scanning. Less than 60 seconds
Runs online from any Internet connected PC
Doesn't slow down your PC
Based on award winning BitDefender anti-malware technologies

3. Mcafee Online Scanner

Mcafee online scanner is another online virus scan tool that detects threats on your PC.

4.Trend Micro House Call
To use this online scanner you need to install a small snippet on your browser.


Google Dashboard - a summery look of google products

Google recently introduced their new feature. Google Dash board.
This enables users to snap look at their all Google products within a compact view.

Google Dashboard provides information of Google account, contacts, blogs, Gmail email inbox-sent items list-spam, Picassa albums and other Google products you encountered.

Google blog says "Designed to be simple and useful, the Dashboard summarizes data for each product that you use (when signed in to your account) and provides you direct links to control your personal settings."

However still
19 Google services are not yet available on the Dashboard. These include Analytics, Checkout, AdSense, AdWords, Wave, App Engine, and Mobile, to name a few. These products recently available in the google dash board.

Google Dash Board


Speed up Windows 7 tweaks - Taskbar Thumbnail Preview

Here is another speed up tweak for Windows 7. By default Windows 7 task bar thumbnail preview gets delay of about 400ms. This guide shows you how to remove that delay and faster load the thumbnail previews of task bar. This process is same as the one we published previously in speed up of Windows XP start menu, that requires you to works with Windows registry.

Step 01
Press WinKey+R, to run a program and type regedit to run Registry Editor.

Step 02
In the Windows Registry navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse on the left hand side and after double click on MouseHoverTime in right hand side.

Step 03
In the 'Edit String' message box, enter the preferred delay at the 'Value data' field. You can set it as 10 or 0. then Click OK and exit the registry editor.

Please restart the computer to see the results.


How to remove Norton

Norton is a Anti virus application that lets you protect your system from malwares and other types of threats. In past years Norton has gained much of reputation as a real time, full compatible treat detection tool. However most users see that Norton products are eating much of computer resources and thereby slows the computer speed.

Norton has also released some new versions recently, however newer products has that disadvantage of slowing your computer speed. Comparing to other Virus removal tools like kaspersky, Eset, BitDefender etc., Norton is uses huge memory in computer.

Most users finds that it's harder to completely remove Norton products from their computers with Norton's built-in uninstallers. However there is Norton removal tool that lets you remove Norton products from your PC if you wish to do so.

Download Norton removal tool


Registry hack to increase Start Menu loading time

Here is another registry hack that you can increase the Windows XP start menu loading time. This registry tweak may also be applied to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Normally Windows takes a little time lag before jumping to menus and sub menus. But we can reduce this time lag and increase the Start Menu Showing time by modifying the registry entry.

This is the method to follow:
Click on Start > Run > then type regedit and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.

Expand the menus in Registry Editor as follows :
My Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Then Click on Desktop .

After click on Desktop, on the right side search for the key 'MenuShowDelay' Double click on it to modify the entry and change the value to '0'. After you done close the Registry editor and Restart Computer.

After restart of computer you can see the faster display of Start menu and other program menus.


Microsoft Live Search turned in to Bing

Microsoft corporation's presence on the search engine arena the 'Live Search Engine' changed it's look and search techniques and brought up as 'Bing Search Engine'. Microsoft claims that Bing is equiped with more functions such as Microsoft's cash-back search rewards program and links to pages for developers and Webmasters.

Microsoft says that the present Online search engine mostly delivers web pages that are not relevant to the content user looking for. (Yes this quote is almost true.)
Here what Microsoft says "
Bing organizes search results so you can quickly and easily locate the content that matters most. And Bing helps you harness that information through exclusive tools specific to your key tasks, leading to more-informed decisions. Put simply, Bing is a first-of-its-kind decision engine." Behind Bling

It seems that Microsft's Bing is really attempting to provide the search content to point. Because now when you search for a term on the Bing, It displays the text content of the targeted page when you hover on each search result.

Microsoft targets to attract a good amount of present Google searches with their new technology and this seems Google have to face a some amount of competition in near future.

Bing Search Engine
Discover Bing

Bing search engine preview


Increase Gmail loading time

This is a good news for users who are with slow internet connection or dial up connections. Not only this is a useful feature if you don't want to load everything inside the Gmail and just want check the recent emails.

Gmail lab has developed a new feature that you can just preview latest 10 messages of the inbox.
You can not read the full message by clicking on each of them, it just preview the new messages of the Gmail Inbox.

How to enable the Feature :
Just follow the link to Enable this feature on Gmail lab section under Settings tab.
Then click on Inbox preview section to activate it.

However there are already several other tools which can enabling the quick preview of Gmail Inbox such as the Firefox extension 'Gmail Manager'. Go here for a complete list of Gmail tools and external applications .
You can view new developments of Gmail lab under the settings of Gmail.