Microsoft Live Search turned in to Bing

Microsoft corporation's presence on the search engine arena the 'Live Search Engine' changed it's look and search techniques and brought up as 'Bing Search Engine'. Microsoft claims that Bing is equiped with more functions such as Microsoft's cash-back search rewards program and links to pages for developers and Webmasters.

Microsoft says that the present Online search engine mostly delivers web pages that are not relevant to the content user looking for. (Yes this quote is almost true.)
Here what Microsoft says "
Bing organizes search results so you can quickly and easily locate the content that matters most. And Bing helps you harness that information through exclusive tools specific to your key tasks, leading to more-informed decisions. Put simply, Bing is a first-of-its-kind decision engine." Behind Bling

It seems that Microsft's Bing is really attempting to provide the search content to point. Because now when you search for a term on the Bing, It displays the text content of the targeted page when you hover on each search result.

Microsoft targets to attract a good amount of present Google searches with their new technology and this seems Google have to face a some amount of competition in near future.

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