How to enable show hidden files and folders disabled by viruses

We are going to show you how to enable to show hidden files and folders in windows.
Some times viruses and other malicious programs may not allowed or completely wipe out your hidden files and other private folders in C:\ such as hidden folders in 'Documents and Settings'.
Virus may block the access to those hidden files even you enable 'show hidden files and folders' by going to "Folder Options".
The virus implements a policy such as “Shockwave.dll” that’s forcing system to keep hidden files forever not visible or hidden.

Your virus guard may some times failed to block or quarantine those viruses. So the following guide will help you to enable the access to your hidden files and folders.

  • Go to Start Menu and click on Run (Windows Vista and Windows 7 uses Start Search instead).
  • Type RegEdit and press Enter to run Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the following registry key:


  • In the right pane, verify that the CheckedValue value data is REG_DWORD type. If it’s not (such as belongs to REG_SZ), then delete the CheckedValue value data.
  • If CheckedValue has been delete, create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it as CheckedValue.
  • Double click on CheckedValue and change its value data to 1 (virus may change it to 0 or 2).
  • Within the same registry key, verify that the Type value data is of REG_SZ type, and has the value data radio. If not, set it to radio. Virus may change it to blank.
  • Set the system to show all hidden files and folders by going to Folder options, and then check if hidden files and folders are show.
On our next post we will discuss how to enable Registry Editor (regedit) that disabled by viruses.


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