Increase Gmail loading time

This is a good news for users who are with slow internet connection or dial up connections. Not only this is a useful feature if you don't want to load everything inside the Gmail and just want check the recent emails.

Gmail lab has developed a new feature that you can just preview latest 10 messages of the inbox.
You can not read the full message by clicking on each of them, it just preview the new messages of the Gmail Inbox.

How to enable the Feature :
Just follow the link to Enable this feature on Gmail lab section under Settings tab.
Then click on Inbox preview section to activate it.

However there are already several other tools which can enabling the quick preview of Gmail Inbox such as the Firefox extension 'Gmail Manager'. Go here for a complete list of Gmail tools and external applications .
You can view new developments of Gmail lab under the settings of Gmail.


Google Chrome 2.0 faster than Firefox ?

Google Chrome officially announced that they have updated to Chrome 2.0 stable version. Google also claims that this version is 30% faster than it's previous version 1.0. Version 2.0 has many improvements and over 300 bug fixes, so users can browse the web with more stability and less crashes.

How to update to Chrome version 2.0 ?
Existing users don't want to download a new version. Instead just open the Chrome and Click on 'Tools' icon in the right side of the window and then click on 'About Google Chrome'. The About window lets you to automatically update to the new version.

Or if you are still not experienced the Chrome yet, Just go and Download it from Google Chrome Download Page.

New Developments in Version 2.0

Increased Stability
: As they fixed about 300 bugs in the new version.
Form Autofill : Shows information that previously entered.
More Speed : 30% faster than the previous version. Users can play with Java scripts even with opening more tabs. So in some occasions I have getting faster download of web pages than with Firefox (Only my own experience)
Full Screen Mode: Hide the title bar and the rest of the browser window by hitting F11 key.
New Tab Page: It no more shows most visited web site thumbnails when you open a new tab.

Google Chrome team says they are focusing on much developments in future.


How to recover Windows XP passwords with PwDump and MdCrack

This is a one method to crack windows passwords. We will show you other windows password cracking methods in later posts. Here you will get an idea about how Windows password recovering method works exactly.

How many times did you attempted to recover the windows passwords lost bu you. ?
This guide will show you how to securely recover Windows Passwords using two tools PwDump and MdCrack.
Download two tools here (PwDump 7.1 and Mdcrack)

First of all I'll give a brief about what is MdCrack and Pwdump.
PwDump used to extract raw passwords from Windows SAM file. (In Windows OS, the SAM file is used to store all information about user passwords and logins) Once you extracted passwords from windows SAM file you can use them to find the what is the exact password.
You also can download PWdump from Andres Tarasco Acuna's web site here

The MdCrack part is converts raw hex data extracted by PwDump to decide the exact password. (MdCrack web site : http://mdcrack.openwall.net)

Ok let's begin to Recover our Windows Passwords.

Step 01:
First of all Download two tools here (PwDump 7.1 and Mdcrack)
Extract the zip and copy two folders to a main level directory in my computer (for ex: to D:\ drive)

Step 02:
Run Your CMD 'Command Prompt' in Windows
Start > Run > type 'cmd' > OK.

Step 03:
Now type the path to PwDump.exe in command prompt.
EX: D:\pwdump\pwdump.exe (don't put spaces between words)
then hit Enter to extract raw passwords from SAM file.

Here is how it looks like on my Windows PC. It should looks same in yours. (click on the image to get a larger version)

Step 04:
Now copy all raw data from command prompt(CMD) to a notepad and save.
(right click on CMD and click on mark to enable select and select the content of passwords and type CTRL+V to copy.)
Close the CMD.

Step 05:
Now again open the CMD and type the path to MDcrack to fire up MdCrack.
You should care in this step.
EX: D:\md-crack\MDCrack-sse.exe --algorithm=NTLM1 A9079FA49307FF67A8297431A2AC6770

the hex part (A9079FA49307FF67A8297431A2AC6770) should be the second part of the hex data shown after each user. (after the : mark of hex raw)
Now hit enter to begin the process.

You are alsmost done and just wait till the MdCrack recovering the passwords.
Don't forgot to let us know your rresults here.
Happy Cracking/Recovering


How to add custom favicon in new Blogspot blogger

Few months ago Google's blogspot or blogger have disabled custom favicons.
So most blog masters lost their favicons that previously enabled. Many blog owners have seen the classical blog icon again.
However there is a hack or a trick to enable custom favicons in blogspot blogs.
You have to move the url of the favicon between the Style (CSS) part and closing head tag.

Here is how to do it.

Login to dash board --> Layout --> Edit Html.

Now search for the code : ]]></b:skin>

then place the url to the blogger favicon right after the above code.
Here is how it should see after you finalize it.

<link href='http://path to icon' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='http://path to icon' rel='icon'/>

If you successfully done this, you should seen the blogger favicon in browser address bar.