Google Chrome 2.0 faster than Firefox ?

Google Chrome officially announced that they have updated to Chrome 2.0 stable version. Google also claims that this version is 30% faster than it's previous version 1.0. Version 2.0 has many improvements and over 300 bug fixes, so users can browse the web with more stability and less crashes.

How to update to Chrome version 2.0 ?
Existing users don't want to download a new version. Instead just open the Chrome and Click on 'Tools' icon in the right side of the window and then click on 'About Google Chrome'. The About window lets you to automatically update to the new version.

Or if you are still not experienced the Chrome yet, Just go and Download it from Google Chrome Download Page.

New Developments in Version 2.0

Increased Stability
: As they fixed about 300 bugs in the new version.
Form Autofill : Shows information that previously entered.
More Speed : 30% faster than the previous version. Users can play with Java scripts even with opening more tabs. So in some occasions I have getting faster download of web pages than with Firefox (Only my own experience)
Full Screen Mode: Hide the title bar and the rest of the browser window by hitting F11 key.
New Tab Page: It no more shows most visited web site thumbnails when you open a new tab.

Google Chrome team says they are focusing on much developments in future.


  1. Chrome is not fast than Firefox.
    However IE8 is the Best.

  2. With my own experience, Chrome is really faster than firefox. But the firefox's tools are superb.

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